5 Common Car Accident Injuries That Chiropractors Treat

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A car accident can happen at any time and for all kinds of reasons. Maybe a large tree obscured your vision, and you didn’t see the other car as you were turning left. Perhaps you were doing everything right, but someone else barreled into you at an intersection. The moments after an auto accident can be pretty scary, but the … Read More

Why You Should Consider Chiropractic Care for Your Car Accident Injury

Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injury

Even minor car accidents can strain your muscles, cause injury to your spine, or worse. Whether you experience a bit of whiplash after a fender bender in a parking lot or you feel extreme pain after a more severe car crash, treatment is necessary. Even minor injuries can benefit from the care of an experienced chiropractor after an accident. Mount … Read More

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Chronic Pain?

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If you suffer from chronic pain, you are not alone. One study indicates that 20% of Canadians deal with chronic pain. We can expect similar rates in the United States. Chronic pain can come from various causes. A common theme is that chiropractic care can frequently help treat it. What Is Chronic Pain? Chronic pain occurs when you experience pain … Read More

Are Chiropractors Good for Herniated Discs?

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Those dealing with a herniated disc have a range of treatment options at their disposal. One of the many choices is chiropractic care for herniated discs. Learn more about herniated discs and the type of treatment you can expect from a chiropractor. What Is a Herniated Disc? Herniated discs are also known as slipped or ruptured discs. To understand what … Read More

Is Chiropractic Care Good for Arthritis?

Chiropractic Care for Arthritis

Joint pain is a common problem that affects mobility, flexibility, and strength. It can affect your ability to accomplish routine tasks and can cause intense pain throughout the body. Arthritis is one of the most prevalent causes of joint pain. It is also a condition that health care professionals frequently diagnose and treat. The Center for Disease Control reports that … Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help With a Pinched Nerve?

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Living with pain can be debilitating and can impact your quality of life. Being in pain or discomfort can make it challenging to fulfill duties at work and enjoy hobbies. A “pinched nerve” happens when there is compression or pressure at the root of the nerve. This can be caused by a bulged or a herniated disc. A pinched disc … Read More

When to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

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Somewhere around 20 to 70 percent of all adults will have neck pain that will interfere with their daily lives. You might have neck pain when you get up if you did not sleep right. Or it might happen at the end of the day when you are under a lot of stress. There is a difference between stiffness and … Read More

Should You See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain?

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About one in three people have been affected by lower back pain, so you are not alone in your suffering. You might need to see a doctor for the issue at some point. Still, it is not always clear what causes the condition. Understanding your options, such as chiropractic treatment for lower back pain, will help you make an informed … Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help Carpal Tunnel?

carpal tunnel treatment

If you have numbness, pain, or other issues in your hand or arm, you could have carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a typical kind of entrapment neuropathy, affecting around 3 to 6 percent of adults. Doctors might suggest more aggressive treatment, but surgery is not the only option for your pain. You can try a more conservative approach of getting … Read More

Common Shoulder Injuries After a Car Accident

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Over 3 million people in the United States get injured in an auto accident each year. While these injuries are sometimes not fatal, they can result in some severe pain that leads to health issues. One of them is shoulder pain. Common Types of Shoulder Injuries From Car Accidents One of the common shoulder injuries from motor vehicle accidents that … Read More