Benefits of Seeing a Car Accident Chiropractor for Delayed Pain After a Crash

Benefits of Seeing a Car Accident Chiropractor for Delayed Pain After a Crash

Motor vehicle accidents of every magnitude occur all the time, and car accident injuries are a common result. In fact, injuries due to crashes occur every 10 seconds. Many may think that injuries only happen from serious accidents, but that is not the case. Although serious crashes usually cause a myriad of injuries, minor accidents can also result in injuries. … Read More

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in New Jersey

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in New Jersey

If you have been a victim of a car accident, you are probably going through a lot. Even in minor crashes, you often have to deal with exchanging information with the other drivers, filing an insurance claim, getting any vehicle damage fixed, and missing work. Another thing that is common in many accidents is injury. Even if your car hit … Read More

32nd Anniversary of Serving the Citizens of the City of Newark

Mount Prospect Health Center - 32nd Anniversary

4.1.2022 Today, Dr. McSweeney and Mount Prospect Health Center received a Commendation in celebration of the 32nd Anniversary of serving the citizens of the City of Newark. About Dr. Terry McSweeney Dr. McSweeney was born in Cork, Ireland, and has lived in New Jersey since 1986 when he started practicing Chiropractic Medicine in Newark. He opened the door to his … Read More

Auto Accident Chiropractor for Whiplash Injuries

Auto Accident Chiropractor for Whiplash Injuries

Automobile accidents occur every day. Some are serious and others are merely fender benders. Injuries are common from crashes, even the low-impact ones. The majority of medical costs for auto accident injury treatment occur during the first 18 months following the crash. Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries. This injury causes a myriad of issues, and … Read More

Physical Therapy Center for Whiplash: Can It Help?

Physical Therapy Center for Whiplash

Whiplash is a common injury, with more than two million Americans experiencing the condition yearly. While the injury can occur outside of a traffic accident, collisions are the primary source of most reported neck injuries. Physical therapy (PT) for whiplash is the primary treatment option, but many people choose to allow their neck to heal without intervention. While passive healing … Read More

How a Physical Therapist Clinic Can Help You Recover From an Auto Accident Injury in NJ

How a Physical Therapist Clinic Can Help You Recover From an Auto Accident Injury in NJ

Did you know, in 2019, over 6.5 million car accidents occurred in the US? Of those accidents, over 2.7 million people experienced injuries. Unfortunately, because of poor health coverage or overconfidence in the body’s ability to recover, not all accident victims receive the physical therapy they need. However, while some people have legitimate reasons for avoiding therapy, nearly all accident … Read More

How Long Should I See an Auto Injury Chiropractor After a Wreck?

Auto Injury Chiropractor

While an auto collision is a traumatic event and can result in significant damage to your vehicle, many people fail to acknowledge the physical strain such an event can have on the musculoskeletal system. In many instances, accident victims do not feel pain after the initial event because of the adrenaline and shock they experience. However, as our medical staff … Read More

7 Reasons A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help After A Crash

Car Accident Chiropractor in NY

People who suffer spinal injuries or other very serious ailments in motor vehicle accidents frequently seek treatment from chiropractors. After a crash, neck pain and body pain can affect one’s range of motion and quality of life. An auto accident chiropractor finds pain sources and treats conditions that result from traumatic impacts on the body. Newark chiropractic services evaluate and … Read More

5 Common Car Accident Injuries That Chiropractors Treat

physiotherapist stretching patients arm on massage table in hospital

A car accident can happen at any time and for all kinds of reasons. Maybe a large tree obscured your vision, and you didn’t see the other car as you were turning left. Perhaps you were doing everything right, but someone else barreled into you at an intersection. The moments after an auto accident can be pretty scary, but the … Read More